Whether You See It or Not

It’s out there. It’s always out there. It’s always out there even when we don’t take time to see it, to appreciate it, or to let it move us.

Every season has its inherent beauty and even in the midst of a vast urban cityscape, there is natural beauty. Snowfall has a way of making the world look peaceful and calm.

snow 3

Do you take time to just ‘be’ in nature? Just enjoy the beauty and give yourself permission to just breathe. Silence the phone and your wandering attention. Focus on a snow covered branch and just enjoy each glistening flake of snow. Take a deep breath and feel the air filling your lungs.

snow 1

I know I speak and write of it often, but there is no way to overstate the power of being in, or being with nature. It’s #GoodMedicine without a child-proof lid! Share your snowy photos or other nature pics here. The photos will never capture the moments of being truly present in nature, but they may help us remember the moments and remember to make more moments.


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