Pursue Perfection Knowing

Pursue Perfection Knowing

Perfection or perfectionism can prevent progress, stripping us of hope before we begin. Perfection, while beautiful as an idea, can be hard to accept in real life because it can make us painfully aware of our shortfalls and flaws.

But I believe we need the idea of ‘perfect’ in our vocabulary and in our lives. Pursuing an unattainable goal will help us grow. If we truly give it our best, even when we fall short of perfection we will land in place that is better than where we began. There is plenty of territory between here and perfection. So, let’s keep moving and dare to set our sights on a goal, knowing that it won’t ever quite be within our reach. That endless pursuit needn’t break our spirit, for we know we will be better for the striving.

Take aim for that noble goal and excellence is right around the corner!

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.
~Vince Lombardi


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