Fire & Rain

Fire & Rain

James Taylor has a birthday today and I bet we all have a favorite JT song. He’s sold over 100 million albums over the years. We know that music can help us to shift a sluggish mood or an anxious mood. So in his extensive discology of 17 studio albums, 5 or more live albums, 6 compilation albums, and 40 singles, what’s your favorite ‘pick me up’ tune and what’s your go-to ‘stay calm’ song?


“Shower the People” is an all time, anytime favorite.

“That’s Why I’m Here” will usually make me ‘break into a grin, from ear to ear.’

“Fire and Rain” reminds me that things change and things stay the same and it will all probably be OK. In fact, JT was on the Stephen Colbert show and he explained that he had updated Fire and Rain. I definitely think you need to give it a listen!

Neither this music nor the video are mine. Copyright 2015 ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’

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