BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits Bring BIG Changes

Our days and nights are filled with small actions which we perform routinely, often without conscious thought. Those little bits of life are often the drivers which keep us moving, learning, living, and earning. So much of life consists of tiny habits!

If there are aspects of our lives that we want to change, we really ought to look at the underlying tiny habits and see where we can make changes. No one has a better grasp of the power of these building blocks of our lives than BJ Fogg, PhD. Director, Persuasive Tech Lab Stanford University.

He offers a free Tiny Habits experience that will literally change your life (and not necessarily a tiny ways!) Learning the Tiny Habits approach takes just a few minutes over the course of a week. I have personally benefited from BJ Fogg’s expertise and I am daily grateful for habits built using his techniques. Visit  – I double dog dare you!

Especially Helpful for Quitters!

Mastering the art and science of building tiny habits can help people who are on a journey to abstain from smoking or other addictions. Inserting some new tiny habits into your existing routines and rituals can disrupt and interrupt things like reaching for the lighter whenever we pour a cup of coffee! Yes, building new habits – especially these powerful tiny ones – can help us break some of those big, troublesome habits. If you’re a “Quit-Buddy,” be sure to watch the video with that in mind.

I’m a fan of TED talks and a fan of BJ Fogg. Check this out!

Thank you for taking good care of you!


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