A Reminder, a Dragon, and a Download

Plenty of folks get a few text messages every week to remind them to stay positive and take positive steps, but QuittersWin is more than just feel-good text messages and blog posts. For people dealing with addictions or compulsive behaviors, QuittersWin can be a game-changer or life-saver.

By serving brave folks addicted to tobacco and other substances, I’ve developed a unique way of looking at addiction over the course of more than 20 years. I should add that along with the observations of thousands of those successful quitters, I also have my own lived experience with tobacco and other substances.

When lots of folks look at the idea of their addiction, their ‘foe’ seems too big, too vague, and too hard to define – let alone try to stop! QuittersWin looks at addiction in a manner that may give people hope and direction. By deconstructing the addiction, its five distinct components can seem a little less overwhelming. And even if a person isn’t fully equipped to address all five aspects, they will likely see a few areas where they can start making changes. These five distinct aspects are really the key to the success that QuittersWin participants have experienced! 

We illustrate these five distinct aspects as the five heads of a dragon. Now before you dismiss this idea, let me add that for about 12 of the years that this method was used to assist tobacco users trying to quit, research and follow up showed that 30-35% of people using this approach were still tobacco-free a year after their quit date! When you consider that the U.S. unassisted quit rate is around 5%, I think you’ll agree that QuittersWin seems to be making a real difference for people who are ready to make this journey. 

If you don’t have a solid understanding of the ‘Five Headed Dragon,’ we recommend you learn more about it. Getting to a QuittersWin group or class is a good way to do that. Getting on the phone with a Quit Coach is a fine plan, too. Interact with our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. But here’s a step you can take NOW. Click below and download About BESOCHEMPS. Read up on the five heads and then let us know how we can help you!

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