One Small Step


Today tens of thousands of marathon runners will brave the cold and the rain (and even the memories of a bombing five years ago) to compete in the 121st Boston Marathon. Ask any of them if one small step matters and you will hear a doubtless and resounding “Yes!”

There are lots of steps to such journeys and every one matters. But that first step has a strange power to move us like no other. All of us are on a journey, whether we know it or not. We can either take that first step (or take that next one) or we can keep making excuses for inaction.

Today as we watch or hear about the marathoners, let’s agree that it’s time for us to make our move! Get prepared, get equipped, get support, and get going. Wherever you are on your journey be sure to take (at least) one small step, and before you it, you’ll see the finish line up ahead.


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