Happy Earthday to You

This weekend, countless earthlings will mark Earth Day with celebrations of various sorts. On a personal level, every day the Earth offers us a chance to be still, to seek communion with nature, to be grounded.


Perhaps it is in the quiet of the woods or the rhythmic sounds of the surf that we can sync our vibrations to those of the creative force of the planet. Maybe when we get ‘out of range’ of the phones and television sets, away from the clamor that clutters our minds, we can again become aware of the natural energy that woos us back into the woods.

castle-valley-500241_1920 - Copy

The weekend’s weather forecast even seems to be cooperating. I hope that you will take time or make time to walk among the trees or wander by the sea. Consider reclining on the earth and gazing skyward. Perhaps you’ll even feel the earth’s vibrations re-calibrating that part of you that doesn’t show up on the x-ray.


Breathe in the energy of this precious planet we walk upon. Revere its majesty and might. Seek the peace within that earth and nature can give. I often remind you to take good care of you. This weekend let’s also take good care of Mother Earth.


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