Does Hope Hide?

I guess this may be a continuation of an idea I wrote about recently. Sometimes it seems like the woods woos us to come, to look, to listen, to wander and ponder.


So does it seem to you that sometimes hope is hiding? Requiring you to move, to go, to stoop, to kneel, to stretch? My yard and woods hold abundant secret signs of things to come. But many of these hopeful clues won’t yield to a quick or casual glance.


Perhaps we should look at springtime yard work as yoga or dance. I’m walking in the woods today, but I’ll try to remember not to walk too quickly or gaze too casually at my serene surroundings. I’ll try to bring my curiosity along for the walk. I’ll try to be open to whatever stooping, stretching, or dancing as the secrets there may require.

There is always hope

I know it’s there

Wherever I go.

Seek and find

Stoop and stretch

Breathe and believe

No doubt you’ll receive

Whatever your souls needs

Hiding ‘midst the rocks, trees, and weeds.


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