Friday, Fun, Phones, and the Fourth

Today, I’m changing the ring tone on my mobile to a song that will amuse me. I’m investing a minute of my morning to click on a couple keys and change the sound my phone makes when someone calls me. Who cares? Me. I care and I know (from my past experience) that even if the phone doesn’t ring, I will periodically SEE the phone and remember that I have a funny song selected as my ring tone. A smile or smirk will crawl, uninvited, across my face. Funny feels good. I think my brain “likes” funny. And if it only “costs” me a minute, why wouldn’t I make that little change on the settings of my phone in order to put a few more smiles on my face? Right?!

So what’s the ring tone? (I’m SO glad you asked!) It’s the Imperial March from the Star Wars movies. For most people that song has all of the typical geeky, nostalgic feelings associated with it.

But for me, it ALSO has a very particular, very spectacular memory attached to it. You know what’s better than the Imperial March? – The Imperial March played on the Tesla coils at the Boston Museum of Science after the wedding I officiated for a really sweet, really nerdy couple. Near the end of the ceremony, they stepped up into the Faraday cage and it began slowly rising until it was the nearest metal object to the ginormous generator. As I pronounced them legally married, their Faraday cage was struck by a bolt of lightning!!!


Here’s a selfie I took just before that happened, and here’s a photo of the life-size T-Rex sporting a bow tie for the big event.

trex bowtie.jpg

His/her bow tie actually matched mine!

So yeah… this song will ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. And I get to revisit ALL of that simply by changing the ring tone on my phone. I think that’s a great way to add a little fun to my Friday! I hope you will too!

Oh yeah, in case you hadn’t figured out why I picked that specific song for today… check out today’s date! So I guess this QuittersWin video is appropriate today as well.




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