Sticky Notes For the Win

It may be true that the inventor of what we now call the Post-It note actually failed at their attempt to make a tough, permanent adhesive. The not-so-tough, temporary adhesive they ended up with gave birth to the repositionable note. I’ve long been a fan of the colored rectangles that allow me to jot a message in one place and take it with me to another place. The value of putting a message where you need it to be really can’t be overstated.

SO… since the week is just beginning, let’s take the sticky-note triple threat double dog dare!

1.) Find a short affirmation that’s meaningful to you.

(Don’t have an affirmation? Borrow mine: “I deserve to be free”)

2.) Write it on three sticky-notes and place them in places where you will see them throughout your day. No matter how hectic or even chaotic my life may have ever been, I never misplaced my refrigerator, so put one on the fridge door. Consider the bathroom mirror as another place for your reminder, and perhaps in the car or by the coat hook.

3.) Say the affirmation (preferably aloud) each time you notice the sticky reminders. Reposition them as needed and before you know it, that affirmation (or a tiny habit of taking three slow, deep breaths?) will have stuck!

Don’t underestimate the lasting power of a few sticky notes. I hereby #DoubleDogDare you to give this a try.


Start today and by the end of the week, you’ll have learned a new trick!

You’re awesome and you’re welcome!


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