Summer & Solstice

During the first week of summer (in the northern hemisphere) our minds might be full of plans for a trip to the beach, a camping excursion, vacation, or weddings.

It’s the season for popsicles, picnics, and popcorn at the bandstand on a buggy, muggy night. The swooning woodwinds and blaring trumpets occasionally accompanied by the swelling sound of a mosquito near an ear.


Perhaps summer conjures memories of walking a secluded beach at sunrise, bathed in the quiet roar and rumble of the surf as the gulls scratch the blue sky with their calls.

sea shore

Wandering and wondering as one walks among the trees in a favorite forest, seeking shelter and shade in the sanctuary of towering trees.


Please be sure to make time to just breathe and be still. Experience this season, this day, this hour, this moment. Whatever comes to your mind as we round the corner into another season, may we practice acceptance of the changes that always come.


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