One Step Closer

A journey to the top of a mountain or the journey to a neighbor’s house both begin with a step. Some climbs can seem dizzying and even impossible at times. spiral staircaseBut even a small step gets us moving and then – almost anything becomes more possible than it was when we were inert.

Most of what we learn and accomplish is accomplished in small, repeatable steps. Epiphanies happen, allowing heroic and unfathomable deeds to be done, but most of human learning and growing is done in lots of tiny steps.steps-2375617_1920 Fear not, the path grows shorter the instant we dare to move forward. Yes, stepping out can be uncomfortable for sure, but… staying somewhere we don’t belong is far more uncomfortable.

At the risk of stating the obvious, if you take one step and you’ll be one step closer.

And if you remember the year 1980 and the Doobie Brothers, there’s this:

Take good care of you today and take (at least) a step in that worthwhile direction.

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