Your Power

The troubles of this world can sometimes make us little people feel powerless. And certainly there are situations that are beyond our control. However, I am often surprised by how much personal power I hold. When wielded responsibly and skillfully that power can change the course of a moment, and hour, or a day for somebody else. And sometimes that positive power can set into motion a chain reaction or even an avalanche of good.

So today, whether you’re feeling powerless or not, please consider the power you have right now or in the next moment to use your power for the good of someone else.

Build them up.

Remind them they are worthy.

Tell them that they matter to you.

Tell them they’re magical (and powerful!)

Who knows? Shine your light and you could start a tidal wave of positive energy.


Please don’t wait until tomorrow.


The world needs your positive energy TODAY!


Don’t let your power go to waste!


Use your FORCE for good.


Have a beaYOUtiful day!

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