Grace for Today

Perfect is such a powerful word. It usually conjures up feelings of deep satisfaction, accomplishment, completion, and pride. It’s also – at least for some of us – a deeply troublesome word, often stirring up a profound sense of frustration, feelings of inadequacy, waves of hopelessness, and caverns of dark despair.

When one unfairly holds oneself to a standard of perfection, the pressure can be quite overwhelming and relentless. This bondage to the idea of absolute perfection enslaves conscientious people and sucks the wind from their lungs, leaving them breathless, panting, and too beaten to continue trying to accomplish some impossible task.





Just for today, let’s remember to hold self with GRACE and patience. Allow your honest, earnest, best effort to be sufficient. Your best is enough. You are enough.

Thank you!
Consider printing or otherwise saving the image above. Please share or post it somewhere so it can remind you and other folks. That’s a very kind and gracious thing to do for you and for them.


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