# Superbowl 2020!

POTENTIAL SILLY POST WARNING: On the day after millions of people tune in to watch the SuperBowl 2020 I thought we might look at things in a slightly different way. So here are some photographs, each of which draw attention to a superb owl!


First, this might remind us that there at least two ways to look at any situation or set of circumstances. Second, these are some awesome creatures and we ought to be awed by nature on a regular basis. It’s good for us!

#SuperbOwl2020 Eaurasian eagle owl in flight

Please don’t forget that there at least two ways to look at look at things – Super Bowl or Superb Owl.

#SuperbOwl2020 Ural owl

And please be sure to make time to spend time in nature. You’ll surely see something awesome or maybe superb!


Thanks for taking a few moments to enjoy these photos and thanks for taking good care of you.

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