Two Words: You Matter!

Don’t ever forget these two words: You Matter!

Someone is drinking coffee from a cup you gave them.

Someone walked by their fridge smiled as they saw your photograph.

Someone saw a car like yours and smiled.

Someone is wearing a scarf today that you gave them.

Someone is chuckling over your post on social media.

Someone thought of you when they laughed at a TV show last night.

Someone heard a song on the radio and thought of you.

Someone just watered a plant you gave them and smiled.

Someone just used a skill you taught them.

Someone’s reading a book you lent them.

Someone is telling a funny story you told them.

Someone is laughing (again) about a text you sent them.

Someone is safe because you changed their wiper blades.

Someone is eating today because you donated to a charity.

All of those things could be happening today without you even knowing it! So, just in case you’re wondering today (or any day)…

Someone wrote a blog post hoping you know something really important…

Two Words: You Matter!

Two Words: You Matter!
Two Words: You Matter!
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