Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

A poem (on the occasion of Dr. Seuss’ birthday)

Quitting smoking sure is tough
We’ve learned for years to love each puff

And habits and feelings can make you crave
To make this journey, you must be brave

And if quitting again has hopes saggin’
Learn about the 5-Headed Dragon!

We’d like to help – you’re not alone
You can call us on the telephone!

Call us when you hit a snag
Call us when you want to brag

Any time you’re feeling vexed
You can send your coach a text!

And especially, friend, if you have fallen
We’re here for you – get to group or be callin’

In time your old habit will be kaput!
And there will be no more “sucking soot!”

And what a splendiferous day that’ll be
‘Cuz we all agree you deserve to be free!

Now take a deep breath and let’s begin
‘Cuz we all know that Quitters Win!

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