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Behavior Scientist, researcher, author (and genuinely great guy) BJ Fogg, PhD has made a truly powerful library of Tiny Habit trainings available for free! Taught by BJ Fogg and his trained Habiteers, these brief, accessible videos to help us all learn tiny habits that can help us live better lives (even in the midst of a global pandemic.)

The Book (New York Times Bestseller!)

All of the trainings will also reinforce a deeper understanding of the Tiny Habits approach to understanding and designing behavior. If you’ve been on any of my Zoom meetings, there’s a good chance I’ve waved this book at you or held some of its pages close to my laptop camera to show you some of the nuggets of habit building wisdom. I love this book and the Tiny Habits model! You can buy a copy of the book here. And to be clear, I’m not promoting BJ’s book for any other reason than because I know it will help you change your life. But don’t buy the book before you watch a few of these great trainings!

Because BJ Fogg knows that making a behavior easy increases the likelihood of it becoming a habit, all of the videos are brief (between 15 and 45 minutes long) and they’re FREE! (Did I mention that BJ’s a genuinely good guy?)

Dr. BJ Fogg wants to teach people to have a happier and healthier life.

The Topics

There are other topics and some of the trainings are offered in other languages. Here’s one of the featured trainings that I recommend. BJ Fogg wants to help you develop deeper friendships in the middle of this global crisis. There are Tiny Habits that will allow you to make your friendships stronger while the time away from friends grows longer.

Stuck at home? Feeling far away from friends? You are not alone. But you can make things better: Dr. BJ Fogg, founder of Tiny Habits, will teach you a simple, effective to strengthen your friendships. https://www.tinyhabits.com/tiny-habits-for-friendship

If you’re a podcast fan, you’ll want to hear BJ talk with Jordan Harbinger (photo below) about Tiny Habits! I hope you will take the time or make the time to check out these remarkable trainings. I’m going to build a couple into my calendar each week.

BJ Fogg also appeared on “How to be Awesome at Your Job.” https://awesomeatyourjob.com/317-how-to-form-habits-the-smart-way-with-bj-fogg-phd/

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