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Outsider can be a word that feels disconnected


When people feel disconnected from others, it can be negative and seem unfair. That’s certainly an idea that could leap to our minds during times like these. Some people may feel disconnected by COVID restrictions. We feel separated from people we love and frustrated that circumstances require us to refrain from the contact and connections we used to enjoy.

Others may have a heightened sense of feeling disconnected because of inequity and inequality in our society. When people are treated unjustly due to race, gender, body type, gender identity, or some other factor, we all suffer loss. We all – if we’re honest with ourselves – have to acknowledge that we are NOT a nation with “justice for all.” In that divide – where people feel disconnected from one another – suspicion, resentment, distrust, and discord can thrive. That is neither the nation we have claimed to be nor the one we aspire to be!

Disconnected for Good

The video below extols the virtues of disconnecting from our electronic devices and getting away from the pings and bells, quieting the alerts and alarms. We need to be untethered from the tech that seems, at least at times, to have us in it’s grip. We are neither designed, nor have we evolved in order to spend our existence on a leash! And while it may seem ironic that you are reading this post on an electronic device, I encourage you to please unplug (at least for a while!)

The word “outsider” can also be interpreted in a positive or a negative manner. When prejudice, sexism, ageism, phobia, intolerance, and ignorance exclude people from being included and accepted, our neighbors and friends can feel like outsiders. Again this video pivots from outsider as a negative and shows us a truly positive and healthy meaning of the word. We are (all) supposed to be outside, feeling nature, hearing nature, smelling nature, seeing nature through all of the glorious seasons and changes.

Crocus may not be far away and you won’t see them if you don’t get outside!

I truly hope that you will treat yourself to a few minutes so that you can watch this video (and then I hope you’ll disconnect and get outside!)

Mirna Valerio isn’t just an ultramarathon runner; she’s also a stereotype-shattering advocate and icon for all those who may not feel at home in nature. Watch her story.


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