March Fo(u)rth!

You know how much I love music. You know I think music has the power to shift moods and change the complexion of our days. You know I think we should make music a regular part of our daily routines. So…

Why doesn’t QuittersWin have an anthem?!

Well, I don’t have a good answer except to say that starting today it does – at least for the month of March! To be clear I own NO rights to this song. The song that’s stuck in my ear and may be stuck in yours very soon (you’re welcome!) is “I Got You” by Michael Franti & Spearhead. The video is wild and fun, too! Enjoy!

These lyrics were written in the context of a couple’s romantic relationship but listen close to the lyrics. Here’s the pre-chorus:

So we can love deeper ( by Michael Franti)
Fly higher
See clearer
Burn brighter
Feel more than we ever did before
Yeah we can swim oceans
Climb mountains
Dance like nobody’s watching
Live life like we never did before
And through the highs and lows

Now imagine these words in the context of a community rather than a couple. 
Imagine that community is a group of folks seeking recovery. Most of these lyrics apply very well in that context too. And the chorus is both catchy and relevant for those of us in any sort of recovery community:

Baby I got you yeah
And you got me yeah
Baby I got you yeah
And you got me yeah
Baby I got you yeah
And you got me yeah
Baby I got you yeah
And you got me yeah

That sounds a LOT like themes we talk about all the time at QuittersWin. That’s the power of WE. We can do things together that we cannot do as individuals. There are plenty of great songs out there, folks. So if you want to nominate a great anthem for next month, just text me or leave a comment!

Today’s the day (March fourth) I invite you to march forth. You also may know I’m a sucker for puns and “Dad jokes.” Sorry, not sorry!

Thanks for being awesome! Baby, I got you yeah!

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