“The Secret to Getting Ahead”

According to Mark Twain or Agatha Christie (depending upon who you believe actually said it) “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

And while the authorship of the quote may be contested, there is no question to its truth. The first step is often the hardest and always required for those who will grow and change for good.

Especially when our goal or destination is in any way unclear, the fear or ambivalence can be paralyzing. But I think we all agree – if we can be completely honest with ourselves – that we know the power of that first step. And even though we want to attain the worthy goal, part of us is afraid of the hard work and part of us may even be afraid of our success.

“If I make this change, (quit smoking, etc.) how will I cope?” The unknown can surely be scary, but when we’re honest we must realize that NOT changing is even more scary. Let’s face the fear. Sometimes we just have to accept the fear and take it with us on the journey, or at least the start of it.


Affirmation for today:
“Today I will face fear, embrace fear, and take it with me as I move forward.”


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