To be clear, I don’t own this music or the rights to it. It’s just a great song by
Earth , Wind & Fire that seems kinda perfect for TODAY!

Songwriters: White Maurice / Willis Alta Sherral / Mc Kay Albert Phillip
September lyrics © Emi April Music Inc., Steel Chest Music, Irving Music Inc.

Movin’ and Groovin’

It’s one of those songs that just makes you want to move! The cool September mornings might have you thinking about going for a walk in the morning. Starting your day with some movement (even if it’s not heavy exercise) can get the day off on the right foot.

Maybe today is the day that you create that 30 minute playlist on your favorite music app. Thirty minutes of walking – yes, just walking – can make a BIG difference in your energy level, general health, and maybe help you sleep better. If you wonder whether 30 minutes can really make a difference, you should watch a video we shared in group a few weeks ago.

The Power of 30 Minutes

Dr. Mike Evans is a Canadian Physician who makes these engaging videos that look like they were drawn on a whiteboard. Here’s one of our favorites and it extols the virtues of even small amounts of physical activity. Check it out! (Again, I don’t own this video or the rights to it.

Check out his new website
Follow Dr. Mike for new videos!

Whatever your favorite music may be, let’s get moving as the weather cools. Build that playlist. I just put an hour and 57 minutes of Earth, Wind, & Fire on my Spotify playlist. That gives me about four 30-minute walks without any repeats! Put that jam on shuffle and I’ll be moving and grooving all of September and then some.


On your daily walk, snap some pics of a pretty leaf, a flower, the morning fog rising off of the meadow, or the funniest bumper sticker you see on your way. Send me the pics! Maybe I’ll post some of them here.

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