What Do We Live For?

Here’s a quote that makes me feel good. “What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?” – George Eliot

It makes me feel hopeful. Hope feels good.

But I suspect that it also makes me feel good because if I’m thinking about making things less difficult for others, I’m paying less attention to my problems, fears, anxieties, or resentments. That’s a win!

Real identity

Evans wrote as Eliot because at that time it wasn’t proper for a woman to write. In order to be considered as a legitimate author with something worthwhile to say, she used the pen name by which she remains best known – even today. During her lifetime women were only expected to write romantic novels.

This week is apparently Transgender Awareness Week across America. Frankly – like many awareness weeks, it celebrates something that ought to be an every day thing. Transgender individuals should ALWAYS be accepted. We all need to know how to better support transgender individuals in our families, workplaces, and community at large. George Eliot only had to hide her gender in one area of her life. But imagine if your entire identity felt like it wasn’t allowed in your world!

A thoughtful colleague shared this video late last week and it was helpful to me. Please take a few minutes to watch and learn how cis people can be better allies or accomplices to transgender folks. It actually goes right along with the George Eliot quote, doesn’t it? We can all make life less difficult for each other. After all, what do we live for – if we cannot be our authentic selves?


By the way, if you aren’t familiar with George Eliot, you might be surprised that their real name was Mary Anne Evans.
Read more about her here.

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