Mirth and Motivation

Even the best of days would be better with a few smiles, smirks, or chuckles! So here’s a small dose of motivation for your day. Laughter is #GoodMedicine!

If this doesn’t immediately ring a bell, here’s a hint – think about Abbott & Costello!
Yup, I ACTUALLY laughed out loud the first time I saw this. So, I really needed to share it. If you laughed, smiled, or smirked, i think you need to share it, too!

And to add at least a little motivation to this morning’s message, let’s be honest with ourselves and ask if we are REALLY ready to accept help from others. And, if we’re not, why not? Could our ego be keeping us from accepting help that could be the missing piece we’ve been waiting for? You know most helpers feel good when they’re able to give help to others, so maybe you should accept help from others for THEIR sake!

1 thought on “Mirth and Motivation”

  1. Hu’s on first. Loved the memes. Thanks for the giggles. This website is great. I have decided to look at one dragon head at a time. Today I am focusing on behavior. Change the behavior, change the result. “See” you Monday.

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