Welcome the Dawn

(even when it’s ten below zero?)

I heard myself grumbling about the weather getting cold recently. It made me realize that I hadn’t performed my annual winter magic ritual. So, I looked at the 10 day forecast, picked the coldest morning, and created a calendar event so I wouldn’t forget. I was out on the deck for quite a while and thoroughly enjoyed my private, wintery magic show in the cold, dark silence of the day’s start.

And so I could share some of the magic with you, I took a few videos of some of the sorcery!

If you’re inclined to try this silly, chilly activity, I suggest adding a little light corn syrup to your bubble solution. I use a blue colored dish soap (whose brand name MIGHT appear in the title of this post – they didn’t pay me to say that.) The corn syrup will make your bubbles sturdier. A few of mine are still intact hours later.

As I’ve written before, our perspective can change everything – even our dislike of the cold. For the past few days I’ve been anxiously awaiting my winter magic show. This is my idea of a great winter activity (and it’s WAY safer for me than skiing!) My chilly challenge for you – think about something you usually grumble about and honestly try to find a different way to look at it. You might be surprised by the power of changing your mind. Each new day is yours. Let’s make the best of it! I hope that your day is awesome!

A cell phone “spotlight,” a mug of bubble stuff and a straw… now all we need is some sub-zero temps for the magic to begin!

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