Chilly Fishes & Warm Wishes

On this day when so many are thinking about reasons to be thankful, I wanted to pause and express my thanks for the privilege of daily serving folks who are brave enough for this journey. Trying to make positive changes in our live is surely the mark of courage. So thank you for taking good care of you and thanks for sharing your strength, struggles, and success with us!

I’m also thankful to be in a warm place, gathering with friends and family, here at the home we call “The Burrow.” There will be plenty to eat and we’ll feast with grateful hearts. I’ll no doubt spend at least a little time pondering (see what I did there?) my goldfish as they settle in for a chilly season.

I hope that you find peace and joy on your path today!

Here are some other images from the Burrow Bog that has brought me so much peace and pleasure. I hope you might enjoy them, too. Again, many thanks for daring and caring and sharing. Your courage and story makes ripples in the lives of others, so please keep caring and daring and sharing!

At dusk it sometimes feels a bit magical
The Burrow Bog has been a source of much joy and tranquility.
Almost too perfect to be real!
A bashful chocolate sunflower
One of the lovely coleus varieties
Red Castor bean leaves are SO lovely!
Jeremiah may be the most beautiful frog I’ve met (and I’ve met plenty!)
In warmer days, the fish are fun to watch.

I’m thankful for you!

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