Brighter Days Ahead

Solstice greetings to you and yours!

On this – the shortest (and darkest?) day of the year – may we look forward with a deep sense of hope about the brighter days ahead. And as nature marks this point in its cycle of seasons, let us seize the season and claim the brightness ahead as ours! Stay warm, connected, and hopeful for we know there will be brighter days ahead.

Perhaps Slow, but Certain

The change in the weather will be slow and gradual, as much change is, but the change is also certain if we take a step forward. No matter how cold or how dark the moment may seem, change will come. Let’s bridle the promise that exists ironically in this – the darkest day of the year!

Hope Finds a Home in the Darkness

The blazing fire at Yuletide, the menorah at Hanukkah, candles at Kwanzaa, lights upon a Christmas tree and many other celebrations have long revered the light and its power to pierce the darkness.

As you ponder the year that has passed and consider the possibility of the year ahead, I hope that you can grasp the invisible, but inevitable potential in this moment. What a great time of the year to invite positive change into our lives! Ancient peoples have observed and understood the significance of this point in the cycle of seasons.

Happy New Year?

What positive change do you want to claim in your future? ‘Tis the season! Seize it! Let’s disregard what the calendar says, and observe what nature knows. Let’s turn the page to this new year with hope and certainty. Brighter days and better ways are ahead.

I’d LOVE to hear what changes you’re claiming for your new year. You’ll find support and encouragement right here. Please consider leaving a comment below.

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