To Change is to Live


They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.
– Confucius

Change isn’t always comfortable or easy, but it is simply part of this life. Some changes are small and maybe simpler than others. To make a big change will be a challenge, and for that reason we want to offer to partner with you as you seek the big changes in your life. Breaking free from addiction may be the toughest change you’ll ever make, and we’re glad to be your usher, shepherd, or journey-mate.

Addiction has several aspects (5, to be exact*) that need to be sufficiently addressed before lasting behavioral change is attainable. But maybe the first and foremost, we need to stop fearing change. Nothing that is alive can avoid change, so let’s try to welcome the idea of change, look for the gift that the challenge will bring us, grab change, hold it close and dance with it. For to live is to change, my brave friend!

Thanks for being awesome.


* We teach a 5-pronged approach or a “5-Headed Dragon” (don’t laugh before you see our quit rates!) Search this site for “BESOCHEMPS” and learn about a more comprehensive approach to understanding and breaking free from addiction. Thousands of brave, successful winners can’t be wrong!

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