NOT Just a Chemical Addiction


Addiction isn’t just about chemicals, but if you look at how our culture treats addiction (“patches, pills, and potions?”) you might think it was.

One of the reasons that defeating addiction is so hard, and why we “fail” so often, is that we over-focus on the chemical aspect of addiction and ignore some of the others.

The BESOCHEMPS method takes a more comprehensive holistic approach. That’s why QuittersWin teaches and preaches the “Five Headed Dragon.” That five-pronged approach leads to DRASTICALLY higher quit rates versus tobacco. And BESOCHEMPS applies to drugs, gambling, alcohol, binge-spending, and other substances and behaviors.

Invest the time to learn this life-changing approach to defeating addiction. You deserve to be free and BESOCHEMPS will get you there!

Remember that QuittersWIn offers weekly classes, weekly conference calls, daily text messages, and 1:1 phone coaching for FREE!

Thanks for taking good care of you!

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