Opportunity often comes in disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. -Napoleon Hill

Sometimes before we regain our freedom, we encounter temporary setbacks. It’s really essential that we view these steps as growth and learning opportunities. We (obviously) shouldn’t try to slip or be deliberately careless, but any relapse holds a lesson. Relapse shows us where we need to try harder, where our vulnerabilities are, and where we need to make adjustments in our Quit Plan.

People who learn from relapses can absolutely move forward and grow stronger in their recovery. People who interpret relapse as “proof” that they can’t quit will likely die using. Don’t lie to yourself about relapse, because lies like that are lethal. If/when you mess up, ‘fess up, get up, and get back on the path. You can do this! #SlipHappens

I’m not afraid of your “slip” and I hope you aren’t either.

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