What a Difference a Word Makes

Many folks have painful episodes or incidents in their pasts. In an effort to minimize emotional pain from such incidents, many of us engage in some form of “self-medication” which can easily lead to addictions of various sorts.

The physical aspect of addiction has it’s roots in a dependence upon a chemical. But the emotional, psychological, and spiritual grip of addiction can be significantly influenced by how we choose to THINK and TALK about our circumstances. (Yes, my brave friend – some of it IS all in our heads.)

When we recall the painful events in our past, words matter. Choosing to think of (or speak of) oneself as a “victim” of childhood trauma or an abusive relationship, reinforces and revives pain. It can pull the pain from the past into our present. Conversely, if we tell ourselves that we are “survivors” of past trauma, the very word tells us a different story. Survivors have grown through their pain, progressed, and changed in response to the very same events which caused others to be “victims.”

Victors and victims may have the very same past, but each has a very different future. We cannot change the past, but we can change how we think and talk about it.

Victim or victor – the choice is ours.

You can download a worksheet/writing challenge related to this post by clicking on this link:  What a Difference a Word Makes

Thanks for taking good care of you!

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