Double Dog Dare: Mini-Quit


 If you aren’t completely free yet, give this idea a try today – I Double Dog Dare you! Mini-quits are a great example of “flexing your quit muscles” that can increase your competence and confidence at the same time! And mini-quits are as simple as they sound. Just declare a number of (waking) hours that you’ll be abstaining today. I suggest starting with a 3 hour mini-quit if you’re a smoker. Another interval may be appropriate for people battling other addictions/compulsions.

The objective is to acknowledge that it may feel awkward (but awkward isn’t lethal) and to simply “pretend” for a short time that you don’t do that anymore. Knowing that it’s a mini-quit keeps us from freaking out – thinking that we can NEVER use again.

Mini-quits are a simple application of “one day at a time,” but on an even shorter basis. And after a 3 hour mini-quit teaches you that you CAN do it, stretch out the interval and try a 5 or 6 hour block of time, a half day, or even a full day.

The idea is beautifully simple and it’s a very low-stress way to move toward your ultimate freedom. So please let us know (text your Quit Coach or post here) how many hours you’re aiming for and we’ll be rooting for you! And later, you can let us know how it went and what you learned.

Thanks for being awesome!

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