“No Fooling!”

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“No Fooling!”

Tomorrow in the US people will observe April Fools Day in various ways. I’m ESPECIALLY impressed by a bunch of brave folks who are using April Fools Day as their Quit Day. That ought to be a day they remember each year with a smile.

Interestingly, here in the Northeast US, even the meteorologists seem to be playing along. It was nearly 50 degrees yesterday and today they’re predicting (perhaps) a foot or more of snow, mixed with sleet and freezing rain! It actually sounds like a great weekend to NOT need to run to the store for another pack and to NOT need to go outside and smoke.

And since it’s Friday, we’re holding the QuittersWin Conference Call at noon (EST) for anybody who wants to check-in with a Quit Coach and some other Quit-Buddies before the weekend shenanigans. And of course, it’s an ESPECIALLY good idea for the April Fools Quitters to get on the call today.

If you aren’t familiar with the Friday Conference Call, it’s really pretty simple. Follow the directions below and join us for the 15-20 minute call (designed to fit into a lunch-break if need be.)

Dial: 712-775-7031 After the welcome greeting it will ask you to enter
Access Code: 581592 followed by the #

Easy enough, right? QuittersWin knows that staying in touch helps quitters stay on their path to freedom. Thanks for daring to make the journey and thanks for letting us help.

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