“We Double Dog Dare You!”

Today is your day! If you’re already sober, smober, or “clean” (I’m not really a fan of that word because it implies that some people are “dirty”) then today is the day that you push forward into a new or deeper daily discipline. Time to stretch your limits and walk/jog/run a little farther, meditate or deep breathe a little longer, practice a new coping skill you’ve been thinking about, or volunteer at the local food bank. Yes, if you already have hold of your freedom from addiction, we #DoubleDogDare you to strengthen your grip TODAY.

And if you aren’t yet free, then today is the day for a longer mini-quit, to cut down further, to practice your *Stop-Go-Change-Change more, or do whatever you haven’t done before to move towards your good goal. And remember,… it’s a #DoubleDogDare! It’s time to stePUP your game!

Download the Stop, Go, Change, Change worksheet below!

And I know you’re busy, but don’t make any excuses today – make progress! You absolutely can and you’re absolutely worth the fight!


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