Ready For A Change?


Ready For A Change?

If words like quit, stop, or give up are too negative, maybe we should change how we talk about our journey.

Consider “changing a behavior,” rather than giving up cigarettes.

Maybe we’d feel differently about “taking back our freedom,” instead of quitting drinking.

I love the word “recovery,” in part because it seems to apply to many aspects of using. Our bodies recover from the harm we’ve done (to small and large extents.) We recover finances, recover freedom, recover the ability to make choices for ourselves – not our addiction. Recovery is a powerful word. Say it, feel it, share it.

Be kind to yourself today, please, so that your perception of self can recover, too! If you’re reading this, you’re braver than most. If you’re taking these words to heart and taking action, then you are TRULY rare and YOU WILL WIN.


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