“3 Things to Quit Right Now”

3.25.2017 6.29.2016

“3 Things to Quit Right Now”

On our way to the “BIG” quit, here are some OTHER things we need to quit:

1. Fearing Change
If we aren’t changing, we may not be living! Change happens and it isn’t always comfortable, but it feels better when we decide to be the agent of change (rather than the subject of change.)

2. Living in The Past
Sure, the past has influenced us and our paths, but putting the past in a proper perspective is essential. If we are still alive, then our past has not killed us. Forgive me if that seems really obvious, but we don’t necessarily consciously give ourselves credit for that. That means we are SURVIVORS of our past and not VICTIMS. Victims are rarely victors, survivors are victors.

3. Putting Yourself Down
Have you ever REALLY listened to the things you say to yourself or the names you call yourself? I hear it ALL the time; “I must be an idiot. My mother died of lung cancer and here I am, smoking!” Hold up a sec! If you walked into a QuittersWin clinic or class, would you call the other people there idiots?! We need to reel back the self-loathing and consider the facts for a minute. The chief factor that makes a person vulnerable to addiction is a factor over which we have absolutely no control – our genes. You’re not addicted because you’re weak or stupid. Let’s try to regard ourselves with at least the same respect we show to others.

I am daily grateful to serve addicted souls who are brave enough to fight to regain their freedom. I am daily impressed by the efforts and successes of the people I meet through QuittersWin. Thank you for being awesome!

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1 thought on ““3 Things to Quit Right Now””

  1. How true this is, Myself and son Justin are doing well October will be 10 months for us!!!
    We both are facing other fears, but we are pushing forward, we now LIVE in Tn!! YES WE DO It’s AWSOME here. We have a nice 2 bedroom 2 bath for 590!! A month!! I’m also pushing thru this fibromyalgia with a supplement regiment NO PAIN MEDS other than aleeve which I’m working on ending soon with last supplements of ginger root and fish oil…… Sorry for so long post. But wanted my quitters win group know!!
    AND IM SO GRATEFUL to have found this group!! I pray this group continues to HELP people QUIT! Bad HABITS

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