“Game-Changer, Lifesaver”


“Game-Changer, Lifesaver”

Engaging the support of a Quit-Buddy is a bright idea, in fact, some compassionate accountability can be a game-changer! You can be a lifesaver for each other when you commit to accepting each other (in abstinence and in relapse) and holding each other accountable. A Quit-Buddy understands that sometimes, “SLIP HAPPENS.” But because a Quit-Buddy really cares about you, they’ll offer some accountability – “Let’s see how we can change your Quit Plan so that doesn’t happen again.” You shouldn’t feel shame if/when you slip.. If we mess up, we ‘fess up, so we can get up and get back in the game.

Remember that Illness begins with “I” and Wellness begins with “We!”

Let us know how QuittersWin can help you on your path to freedom.

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