“Change Today”


“Change Today”

A change that you make today, even a small change, could change your life – in a BIG way! We all agree that change is usually uncomfortable, but even tiny changes can get us moving toward that BIG, BIG change!

Let’s “flex our quit muscles” today by making a couple small changes. Here are some examples for a cigarette smoker who’s ready for some small changes:

– take your coffee (without a cigarette) to a different room today
– stand up when you smoke today
– hold the cigarette with the OTHER hand today (may sound silly, but try it)
– declare your car a smoke-free zone for today
– declare a 3 hour “mini-quit” today
– brush your teeth 1 extra time today

Little changes matter, and anything you can do today that keeps your habit off balance can move you toward your freedom. And we all agree (say it out loud, please) “I deserve to be free!”


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