Here’s a great #MotivationMission:
An attitude of gratitude is a real game-changer, so please play along today, OK?

Your mission is to find 3 opportunities today (and yes, you can do MORE than 3) to express genuine gratitude to people you encounter. And while a simple “thanks” counts as gratitude, when we take a moment to say a little more than “thanks” it means a LOT more. So try to explain to the person why you appreciate them or what they did that you appreciate.

You’re going to start a mood movement today and, I wanted to tell you that I’m really grateful that you’re willing to play along today. Our expressions of gratitude will brighten our day and the day of others.

Got it? Let’s go!

4.3.2017 7.7.2016

6 thoughts on “Hello, I Am… Grateful!”

  1. Nic Prefontaine

    I’m grateful that you always keep me in mind despite my being MIA for months. You haven’t forgot of me o be <3

  2. Stephanie Ewart

    I express gratitude every day, I posted recently about everything I was thankful for 💜💜

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