“You’ve Always Had the Power”

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“You’ve Always Had the Power”

When I was a young child watching the Wizard of Oz, I recall thinking that Glinda (the good witch) should have saved Dorothy all of that hassle and told her about clicking her heels when they first met. Then Dorothy would have avoided those CREEPY flying monkeys! Of course, Dorothy needed the entire adventure to teach her what she needed to learn; there’s no place like home.

But as an “adult,” when I think about Glinda’s words, I realize that each of us have unrealized power within. It’s one of those phrases that both encourages and convicts me. On one hand, if I’m facing a challenge, I should feel empowered by the reminder of my personal power. On the other hand, if there’s a goal in front of me that I am not attaining, the reminder places the blame squarely on me.

I wish that defeating addiction was as simple as clicking our heels three times. But let’s choose to be emboldened by Glinda’s words. We surely DO have the power to change ourselves.




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