“Little Rewards Can Go a Long Way”

4.6.2017 7.11.2016

Let’s be sure that we accomplish a meaningful goal or take a meaningful step toward freedom. Because if we do… we can give ourselves a reward! We like rewards, but don’t make a habit of treating yourself too often without requiring the work or progress first.

1. Find a reward that really excites you. (I sometimes use the word “juicy” to describe a good reward.)

2. Attach it to a goal that’s really a stretch, but IS attainable. (Download SMART Goals!)

3. Claim your reward! (And consider tweeting, posting, sharing, so you can garner some more encouragement.)

4. Remind yourself of the good work you did.

This is work – it’s hard work. But you can do it and there are definitely tried and true methods that will work. So let’s get going! And to learn about S. M. A. R. T. goals, grab this free download!


1 thought on ““Little Rewards Can Go a Long Way””

  1. I like to go out and buy myself something that costs about the price of a pack of cigs when I am craving.

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