“Hey – What’s That in Your Ear?”

“Hey – What’s That in Your Ear?”

It may be easy to overlook, but music can really help us change how we feel. Having a “playlist for a crappy day” can definitely lift us out of a funk. What’s important is to be aware of the feelings evoked by music. There are feelings attached to most music, but we may not be mindful of them.

I actually had a playlist I used to listen to on longer trips in the car and I became aware that I tended to drive a little too faster when I listened to that playlist. (Fortunately, I realized that BEFORE I had any blue lights in the rear view mirror!)

So,.. if we agree that music can be connected to our mood, let’s listen up and make some deliberate choices about our tunes. Maybe we can listen up and cheer up at the same time!

Tell us what YOU’RE listening to today! Please share this post with a friend and leave your comments below. As for me, I’m listening to some vintage Electric Light Orchestra today in recognition of their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! (About bloody time, if you ask me!) 😉

#ELO http://ow.ly/i/tKNQk

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