“A Five-Headed Dragon? Are You Serious?”

“A 5-Headed Dragon? Are You Serious?”

If you’re new to QuittersWin maybe you haven’t heard about the dragon, Besochemps. If you only get the daily texts messages, but haven’t dug any deeper into the web sites, the blog, the Facebook page, joined a class, or dialed in for the Friday conference call, perhaps you don’t know about this comprehensive and successful method of addressing addiction.

The primary reason that addicted folks relapse is that we, as a society, tend to over-focus upon the chemical aspect of addiction. Here at QuittersWin we certainly acknowledge the chemical “head” of the dragon, but we also make sure that our quit-buddies understand the other four heads. And don’t be fooled by the talk of 5-headed monsters. For almost 20 years I’ve been ushering brave folks through the process of quitting. I’m not fooling around or trying to entertain anybody with talk of imaginary beasts. This method works better because it’s more comprehensive, holistic, and reflects a deeper understanding of the human heart, mind, and soul. So yes, when we talk about a 5-headed dragon, we’re absolutely serious. And I hope you are too.

Sadly, in the US when someone quits using tobacco, only about 5% make it a year before relapsing. The Besochemps approach has a quit rate that’s drastically better – SEVERAL TIMES HIGHER. So let’s get serious and learn what we need to know to get what we want – our freedom back!

Stay tuned next week when we will take the 5-headed dragon apart – one head at a time. Get ready for your breakthrough!



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