Did you mess up?
Just ‘fess up
So you can get up
and get back on track!

A slip isn’t the end of the world – UNLESS YOU DECIDE IT IS!
So don’t! Don’t let a slip keep you off of your path. If it happens, it happens. The bumper sticker says “$#it happens,” right?

So if/when it happens, be sure to talk with your Quit Coach or somebody about it. The simple (if not always easy) step of talking about what happened takes away the power of a “secret” to burden us with unnecessary guilt.

The moment we admit that we messed up, we can start to put the slip into its appropriate context. A slip means that we have an opportunity to learn and grow. Embrace the slip and let it show you what you need to do in order to be free and stay free.

After a slip, it’s all UP!

#SlipHappens http://ow.ly/i/uc9V6

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