Beware of the Familiar!

Just because something is familiar, doesn’t mean it’s right, right?! In fact if you look at the last half of the word famiLIAR, it might remind you that familiar doesn’t mean true. So sure, when you’re stressed out, reaching for a drug may be familiar, but it’s not the best answer and you deserve better. To learn two ways to conquer the familiar behaviors, read on.

First, we need to create trigger busters that give us just a few extra seconds to think clearly about a set of circumstances BEFORE we reach for that drug. Just an interrupter like keeping the lighter (cash, credit card, bottle, or whatever you’re trying NOT to use) in an inconvenient place can help buy you a little time to think about your options. Face it, if you choose to keep it in your pocket, you’re making using WAY too easy.

Second, you need to identify a new coping skill to employ when you want to use. AND, in order to make that new skill familiar, you will need to practice it over and over and over again until IT becomes familiar. Because when the fertilizer hits the ventilator (you know what that means, right?) you’re gonna reach for something familiar to get you through it. Make your new (healthy) thing a familiar thing, and you’re on your way to taking back your freedom!

Bring your will and build some skill and you can absolutely do this!


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