“Are You Sure You Want to Do This?”


“Are You Sure You Want to Do This?”

Staying put is the easiest thing in the world to do and, in some cases, far more perilous than taking a risky step. There’s much to be said for clinging to the familiar. It’s comfortable here, but that’s really the problem isn’t it? It’s SO comfortable when we choose to be satisfied with the status quo. And that comfort – the complacency – can make our present easy and our future short!

To choose to change is NOT for the faint of heart. There are all sorts of risks involved in choosing change. Obviously there’s the risk of “failing,” if you accept that word. Personally, I call it ‘the F-word” and try to never use it. Falling? That I believe in, but not failing. And one could get hurt falling, but one could get dead choosing to stay put!

Unless you’re absolutely sure that your current path is headed to a place you want to be, the only reasonable thing to do may be taking some outlandish risk. And at the end of such a foolhardy journey you might – just MIGHT- find yourself in a place where only heroes dwell.

For those who choose the status quo
There is no risk today
But only those who dare to change
Will claim their better way.

We’re ready to usher, shepherd, guide, and advise any brave folks who know the peril of staying put.


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