Your Ear is a Key to Your Heart

When we listen to music, with or without words, we are changed in measurable ways. Our hormone levels, heart rate, blood pressure and other medically measurable metrics can be influenced by what we’re listening to.

I know that there are some songs that make it easier for me to drive too fast. I know we’ve talked about this before, but I think if you’re not applying music to your life daily, you’re skipping a powerful “medicine” that could definitely make your journey smoother.

If you don’t own a personal music device or have a music app on your phone, I think you need to put that on your wish list PRONTO! We know that even if we haven’t quit yet, by cutting down we can start to save some money. Please make wearable or portable music a top priority savings goal. After all, isn’t music almost like medicine?

Who would have guessed the tune in our ears
might hold the secret of conquering fears?
(Hey – that rhymes… Maybe I should set it to music!) 😉

Leave a comment below and let us know what gets you out your bunk or out of a funk! Have an awesome #FREEday, friends!

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