“May the Fourth be With You”

Recently in a QuittersWin group we ended up spending a bit of time talking about some of the intangibles of addiction and recovery. We all agreed that there is a “part of us that doesn’t show up on an x-ray.” We may refer to it by different names, but I think we all have it. And because it’s perceived to be deeply private and because conversations about “it” can become awkward and even contentious, many practitioners won’t even refer to “it.”

I have absolutely no interest in being contentious, so today I’m going to talk about “it” in a silly geeky way. Because of today’s date, let’s just call “it” by the name Yoda used – “the force.” Today – and every day – it’s important for us to acknowledge that part of us that can give us inner strength, inner peace, unnatural wisdom, and maybe even “super powers” of a sort. I believe that part of you is where hope sits and clings – even in the face of adversity. The strength and courage we conjure comes from that force. Let’s choose to believe that.

Please take deep good care of you today.
Nourish your body – don’t just feed it.
Rest your mind – don’t just fill or distract it.
Honor your body – don’t just wear it.
Listen to the universe – don’t just pass through it.

May the Fourth be with you!

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