I’ve seen a few fields dotted with the dried blossoms of dandelions. I realize some folks consider them to be a weed, and some lawn-loving friends absolutely despise them, but I’m always going to have a warm spot in my heart for the feathery little umbrellas that carry dandelion seeds on their windy ways on windy days. Recently a friend told me that their child calls them “wishberries.” (THAT is irresistibly adorable!)

I would just like to encourage all of our Quit-Buddies to dare to conjure up the undaunted courage of a child as we pursue our wish of freedom from our addiction’s grip. It is real and it is attainable, especially for those brave enough to approach the journey without ego or arrogance.

Believe as a child believes – without limits.
Learn as a child learns – with curiosity.
Wish as a child wishes – without fears.

And then take a deep, deep, breath and launch those wishes into the world!

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