“This Day Is Your Gift”

Of course it is not mine to give, but I would love to give you a day – this day, and encourage you to truly see it as a gift. All too often we just get up and go to it, whatever “it” is. We walk through a day so distracted and so busy that we miss much of what the day has to offer us.

Consider this challenge…

Today I will pay especially close attention to the things that I smell. Today I will periodically stop what I’m doing and just stop to breathe deeply in, being aware – without judgment – of the scents that are all around me. Breathe it in, it’s part of our world we often overlook or take for granted. Today, let’s breathe in the world around us with heightened awareness and attention. In those moments of heightened awareness, perhaps we will enjoy the day – the gift – more fully.

May the stopping and breathing refresh you today, my friend.


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